Our town’s water tower was no easy project. When I grew up, we borrowed from the neighboring town’s tower. People thought that was well enough. I never did, I wished for a way for our community to supply themselves. The first time we brought a complaint was when I was only seventeen. The city council laughed at the mere proposition of a child’s suggestion.
My response was to come again the very next week. I showed up for every meeting that took place. Being turned down so many times became second nature. For ten years, I’d show up regardless of any outside force that apposed me.
I became a woman. I studied and grew. I even got a degree in law, I opened my own firm. As I grew, so did the community around me. It became harder and harder to scoff. I was no longer a child but a lawyer and taxpayer. It had become impossible to ignore me.
I can’t help but look at this tower and appreciate the true potential of humankind. The ability to with hard work and tenacity form a better life. Perhaps to you, this tower is tiny and insignificant. To me, it’s the most incredible tower I’ve ever seen.

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