The Queen glanced at Uma in pity. Realizing what she had done, she apologized eloquently. The Queen requested a special drink to help with the effects. Her servants obliged immediately. Giving Uma a chocolate flavor drink the color of blood.

 Instantaneously, the effects subsided the feeling of charms and spells gripping her ming passed. 

 “What was that?” Uma complained, grabbing her temples in frustration.

“My voice sometimes has that effect, part of being a mermaid I’m afraid” She explained sheepishly.

Despite understanding her predicament, she still felt violated. An odd silence hung in the air for several seconds.

 Uma collected herself, shell shocked, and afraid, she collected her thoughts.

“I live in the middle of nowhere, its become very depressing” She admitted bluntly.

“A fair complaint,” The Queen conceded. 

“I traveled for many days and defeated fierce enemies to find a new home. Hopefully, among friends and a community to call my own. Is there any way I could move into your city, your majesty.” She pleaded helplessly lowing herself to one knee.

 The Queen seemed to ponder this for ages. Possibly she was considering many things at the same time. Maybe she wished to control her runaway charm speech. Whatever the case it was maddening.

 “I wish I could just let you, but sadly it won’t be possible.” She said heavily.

“Why not?” Uma Protested

The Queen giggled at her outrage, which only fueled the fire.

“Why are you acting rude?” She cried indignantly.

“Ugh, very well-child there is a way…” The Queen said.

 She pulled out a quest written on a piece of paper. Exasperated, and frustrated, she took the sheet and reluctantly thanked the Queen before politely leaving the waters.

 The sheet said,  Quest For Citizenship and listed details on a journey to retrieve various items for the city in a faraway temple.

 Uma walked back down the hill and left the town. She looked ahead over the peak of the mountains in the distance. She had come this far already and had her trusty wand with her. As annoying as it was Uma had little option, she’d be forced to do what she has to find friendship. Whether she liked it or not, she had loads to do. Her coyote rubbed against her leg to remind her that she was not alone. Uma Smiled. She felt confident and ready community life was around the corner.

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