A Kraken is a terrifying beast. Ten times the size of a fishing ship, with ten tentacles winding around its slimy body. It was a horror to witness. Every nerve in her body felt numb and dead. Her fear was like lava flowing through her body. She was a sitting duck. Unable to move or think. Above her, was a massive unstoppable creature. Worse of all it was hungry.
With one of its massive coils, it lifted Maddie. Its strength was so great it was much like lifting a feather for the beast.
“Please…” She croaked desperately
It stopped for a second looking at her with confusion. Perhaps, the Kraken had thought she was some kind of fish or seal.
Can this massive creature understand English? Its eyes widen as if curious about her. Could it be discovering I am different? She knew that she had to keep talking.
“I can help you if you just don’t hurt me,” She cried desperately. It continued to look at her, intrigued by the sounds Maddie was creating.
It had never heard a language before. Its big black eyes seemed to be as deep as the abyss. The Kraken also seemed to give recognition in his eyes. Maddie remembered reading how intelligent octopi are. They can open cages and understand words. Octopi this enormous would have an even greater understanding.
“Please let me down” She demanded in a harsh tone.
To Maddie’s surprise, the creature humored her. The Kraken put her down in the soft dirt. Maddie’s body was still paralyzed, but she could now talk with relative ease.
A chilling thought occurred to her this thing had created the paralysis poison. It wasn’t anything that could be considered natural. This creature was highly intelligent. The Kraken stared at Maddie and her grandfather. I’m sure he was Considering if he planned to go through with mercy. After deciding these children probably wouldn’t taste good anyway he sunk beneath the surface again.
Maddie sat there for many minutes hoping it would not return. To her surprise, the paralysis wore down before it did.
“It never wanted humans it must be confused.” A gruff older voice remarked
Maddie cheered and limped over to the sound. Her grandfather was finally awake! With the poison wore off she was able to speak to him at last.
“You have a lot of explaining to do” She scolded.
Her Grandfather laughed at the remark and agreed.
“We certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore” He joked. He was finally taking a look around the cave in awe.
“Alright, I’m sure you have a ton of questions…” He said.
“That’s a huge understatement.” She shot back finally with the feeling of safety and the lingering thought of the returning creature on her mind. This was only beginning.

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