Dear new adventurers,
My alias is Nathaniel Berknalawitz I’m an experienced adventurer, of over 30 years of practice. I have noticed a troubling inclination in juvenile men and women dying gruesome deaths. Often, these deaths are undoubtedly avoidable and incredibly senseless. I have decided to maintain the carnage with the most distinguished bits of my knowledge. To achieve this, I’ve prepared these four tips on how to adventure and live to recount the tale.

1.) Be Prepared
Always bring the proper supplies before adventuring. The value of being fully prepared is immeasurable. The most notable thing in your pack is a rope. It has several uses including but not confined to formations, climbing, and tying foes. Another incredibly versatile tool is the knife. Fit for self-defense and all sorts of various duties. Food, water, and currency are also necessary before leaving home. If you’re going anywhere cold always bring a coat and a fire starter. In general, its good to prepare for any possible outcome. It’s better than being caught off guard.

2.) Watch Your Back
It’s always important to watch your back for any possible attack. It’s essential to be alert to a mixture of opponents. Do not hinder your hearing or scent. All of your senses are vitally significant while adventuring. Whenever you turn a corner, make sure to turn wide. Always keep your wits as sharp as your dagger. Pay attention at all times because watching around you could save your life

3.) A.S.A(Always Stay Armed)
No matter where you go, enemies exist. Agents of evil from the shadows of society that wish to harm you. That’s why it’s critical to carry a weapon during travel. Self-defense is a necessary part of being an adventurer. Protection is a fundamental device during a safe journey. Being profoundly skilled with your weapon also never hurts. It’s sad but true with dragons in the sky and giants in the hills an armament is indispensable.

4.) Navigation is Key
It’s important to continually know where you’re going while traveling. Getting lost almost perpetually ends in self-destruction. Always remember the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Maps are an essential tool. Knowing how to read them is an even more essential skill. The use of proper navigation can save you and your parties life. I would suggest any aspiring adventurer learn how to use the map and compass. Otherwise you rest your fate in chance alone.

If you follow these four tips your chances of surviving an adventure will be greatly increased. At the end of the day the best way to survive is bravery and adaptability. Use your head and always follow your heart and the universe will guide you on your journey. Make sure to remember what you’re fighting for. Otherwise, All these tips are just in vein. good luck on your travels fellow adventurers. I hope to see you soon.


Nathaniel Berknalawitz

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