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“If you have a problem with that, I could always eat you”


“What makes this YOUR bridge?”


Back at the village, Uma had packed a large hide bag full of supplies. In it, she had every essential item she may need. She had medical kits, rations, rope, even a bedroll. Uma was well prepared and always armed with her trusty wand. She felt like no challenge could stop her, not even a dragon, or an ogre.

 Uma started her journey at the crest of the hill hours ago. Now she was well over ten miles from the village. Her mission led her to an astonishingly handy cobble trail that weaved smoothly into the mountains. For almost a day, nothing disturbed her. Uma was able to keep a brilliant pace. If anything, her pet coyote hunting for food had antagonized any creatures living here. 

 As Uma walked further, under cover of the setting sun, she approached a roaring river. The only way to cross was a sturdy stone bridge. As Uma approached the bridge, a disgusting monstrosity crawled from underneath it.

 It had green fur covered in long tendrils of spider webs. It was towering and thin, at least seven feet in height. Its mouth, filled with fangs, had been fixed in a sinister grin.

 “Hello little one, would you like to cross my bridge?” He sneered with a toxic breath

“What makes this YOUR bridge?” She asked indignantly, holding her hand to her wand.

The creature looked at her, deeply shaken. His toothy grin became a haughty leer. 

“How dare you, girl! I am a troll, my father and my father’s father guarded this bridge.” he roared in a vindictive raving. His teeth were inches from her face now as sharp as razor blades.

 “I’m sorry if I offended you, I had no idea of your families esteem.” She said sheepishly, admittedly regretting her initial reaction.

“If you wish to cross the bridge, you must answer a riddle, it is tradition,” He said much calmer now. 

“If you have a problem with that, I could always eat you,” The troll threatened callously.

“No, no, there’s no problem I’ll answer your riddle.” She insisted.

 Uma thought this troll was an emotional mess. He was bouncing between rage and sensitivity. She didn’t know whether to attack him or apologize.

 “I’m as light a feather, yet no man can hold me for long, what am I?” The creature hissed.

Uma thought about her riddle meticulously. It could be something painful or unsafe. If it’s as light as a feather, there’s another reason it can’t be held. Uma thought maybe it could be something cold, hot, or possibly even poisonous.

 Uma was sitting there frustrated, pondering the many possible answers. If she was in-correct, her quest would be ended. Without a way to cross the river, Uma would be forced to return all the way home. Uma needed to think, and she had no time to do it.

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