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Have you prepared yourself for the night of horrors?

The Dark Priestess

I survive demon exorcisms the same way I survived Vietnam, I call in frequent air strikes.

Reverend Micheal

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A Night Of Horrors

To the average citizen Halloween is a fun night filled with candy and celebration. Most people can go the whole holiday entirely blind to anything less than a splendid night. However, today I’m gonna tell you the secret that has been covering your eyes your entire life.

Every day a veil works hard to protect you from a world not unlike our own. Behind this veil are spirits of every shape and size. Some are purely good others deeply evil. Most people go their whole life unaware of this parallel universe right under their nose. Us demon hunters have no such luxury. Most of us are very aware of the presents of this spirit plain even on an average day.

Every Halloween the veil reaches the thinnest point of the entire year. Demons, ghosts, spirits, ghouls, all walk the streets unhindered by our separate reality. Even some normal people are able to see them on occasion. That’s right, us demon hunters see Halloween as a rather scary and nasty event filled with panic and often, danger.

Why would I tell you such a nasty thing? That’s simple, this Halloween will be a thinner break than any year in human history. In fact, for all intensive purposes we will have no veil at all this year. Spirits will be able to wander almost entirely free of limitation. It’s entirely possible that many of you will meet some ghastly creatures this year. While we’d love too, us demon hunters will be unable to save all of you.

We figured we owed you this warning. Considering you are all likely to be murdered if acting unaware. Now you’ve been warned, so if you wander into a scary basement of a haunted mansion, or an abandoned graveyard I wont feel too bad for you.

This Halloween will be spookier, scarier, and more dangerous than ever before. Every ghost and monster will be ready to attack at every corner. So watch your back, gather your courage, always be ready to run, and have fun. After all embracing our fear and the dangers around us is what Halloween is all about.


Rex Martin- Professional Demon Hunter

The End

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