My Thoughts On This Weekends Historic Boxing Clash In LA, and It’s Effects on the Sport

By: Levi Wyatt

Spoiler Warning for KSI VS Logan Paul 2 (DUH)

This weekend, one of the biggest boxing events of all time finally took place. Logan Paul, the controversial mega star finally got his rematch with his British arch rival KSI. In their first battle last year the event ended in a perfect draw. Now, they’d be robbed of their head guard’s and both of them wanted blood. This match from the beginning took the world by storm. It happened so explosively that I think many of us are left asking “Now what?” Id like to look back and consider how this massive fight effected the sport I love so dearly. I understand how different this is from my usual material, but personally I have a ton to say about it. So without further a due, lets get into Logan Vs KSI 2.

In the lead up to this fight, I thought Logan had a major mental edge. The media build up to this event gave me flash backs to Mayweather vs Mcgreggor. Logan spent little time convincing us of his skill, and spent a lot of his energy cutting at KSI. This isn’t a new strategy by any means. Yet, Logan escalated it much farther than fight fans were ever used to. He predicted a first round decapitation, sported an atrocious mustache, and came at KSI for his lack of math skills. Unlike Floyd, you could see many moments were Logan broke KSI’s cool with his jokes and showboating. All around it seemed Logan had mentally gotten into KSI’s defenses. That mixed with his imposing size led to a massive favoring of Logan leading into the fight. During this time KSI was more focused on showcasing his killer team and intense training, something Logan should have taken seriously. As the fight approached closer, tempers only got hotter, and as the fight came to a start the tension had become indescribable.

During the first two rounds, it was a very different story. Logan at times had his guard as low as his hips. He hugged in a repeated and unprofessional way. He tried fighting conservatively, but without the defensive skills to back it up, he seemed overwhelmed. KSI on the other hand came ready to fight. In the first half KSI landed several incredible punches. All in all, the fight was much different than the mind games. Logan’s groundbreaking confidence had left him. As they swung into the third, it seemed to be over for Logan. With KSI landing a beautiful hook overhand combination and knocking him down to his knees. Yet, Logan looked far from ready to give up the fight.

In the second half Logan seemed to be gaining a little more control. He started the fourth bringing the fight back to an even exchange. To many it seemed he was ready to turn this fight around. That’s when everything changed, Logan grabbed KSI and held him in place with his arm, then punched him to the ground. After that, he struck him while he was still on the mat. The ref immediately withdrew two points for the foul. Also deciding he would save him from the cancellation of his knockdown. For the rest of the fight KSI went back to controlling the match landing several powerful shots, while Logan was never able to recover from his lost points.

When all the dust had settled, the judges called it a split decision. KSI was given the victory and it was finally over. The Nightmare KSI remained the champion and Logan was in shock. Logan and his couch think the call was a bad one. They think they are the rightful winners. I personally disagree, Logan Cheated, His only knockdown realistically shouldn’t of counted and he definitely hit a man while downed. In my opinion he lost not by a split but to a significantly better boxer. He wasn’t ever in control of the fight and the judges were right to award KSI the belt.

So what will this event do for boxing? Frankly, a lot actually, Logan and KSI brought excitement back to this sport. It brought eyes and ears away from everything for one night to show the world the incredible entertainment of boxing. No matter the mistakes they made or the lessons they were faced with, they were both fearless and deserve the utmost respect. Personally, I think they both need a lot more work, but that’s whats so amazing about boxing to begin with there’s so much to learn, you could spend a life on it. Logan has time to work on his guard and his wrestling issues or the time to do something else entirely. What matters is that they worked there hardest and were brave enough to take the leap.

Thank you for reading guys! Sorry for the oddball post. Our next post should be on Thursday at our usual time. I hope to see each and everyone of you again, enjoy the rest of your day, thanks again for reading! Goodbye!Β 

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