Burdened Dawn Episode 5

Episode 5: Secret Pathways

Henry set up a meeting with the man the poster called Vega. When he had called him he mentioned not having money, and told the man his story. Henry was sure he’d hang up or get mad, however he seemed sympathetic to his cause and agreed to help him. Despite the mans kindness he still felt nervous, after all, he’d never met a mercenary before.

Their meeting place didn’t make him feel any better. It was cold and creepy with several metallic structures that Henry didn’t understand. Pools of dirty water and long metallic pipes made the floor feel uncertain like he could trip any moment. When he had first got there he thought Vega would be waiting, instead over an hour later he was still alone. He was starting to think he’d been ditched when the sound of footsteps approaching finally appeared.

A massive pair of metal doors opened in the distance revealing a long corridor connected by glowing horizontal beams running up and down the walls like an obstacle course. The floor was a stream of even muckier water that seemed to follow the path indefinitely. Henry assumed this was how the suburbs made sewer ways, because the smell of this path reeked like a thousand dead bodies. Even from far away it was unbearable.

Out of the path a silhouette appeared, his face was covered by a breathing mask, his boots were huge and connected to his camouflage overalls. He waved his hands towards himself as if inviting Henry to go for a swim. Henry knew what he meant, it was time to go. No room for fear now, he had a date with a mercenary.

A Short Story Central Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays. As the years move forward, life here on earth seems to be getting more and more chaotic and divisive. 2019 was a crazy year to be alive, and I suspect 2020 to be just as wild. In this tangled climate of hate and confusion we’ve seen the impeachment of our president here in America, as well as the death of one of our greatest musical talents Juice Wrld. It seems everyday we get closer and closer to despising each other.

All around the world it seems pressure is rising from the politics in the UK to the forest fires in Brazil. Talk of AI advancement and global warming has us feeling like we’re in an apocalyptic war zone as of late. As Christmas time roles around I wanted to reflect on the positives of man kind the things we all enjoy. To set aside this feeling of exhaust and conflict and enjoy what makes us the same. Because, at the end of the day we are.

I’m going to to post several videos of things that I think represent the human spirit and the spirit of Christmas. I hope this is fuel for you guys as we trudge on into another difficult year. I wish to help all of us remember during all of the controversy and bickering we are all on the same team. Please enjoy A Short Story Central Christmas!

Thank you for reading and taking a look at the videos I picked out. I hope I was able to inspire you with a little more hope than this year has offered us. Even though it seems like the most divisive era of all time Its important to remember that people can also be kind. Enjoy your holidays, and remember that kindness like negativity spreads when given the proper fuel.

Kraken Episode 5

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“The Kraken is an unstoppable beast larger than fifty grown elephants.”

Diary 151

Episode 5: Kraken Castle

Maddie’s legs were made of led, each limb was like a hundred pounds of weight yanking her to the dirt at her feet. Ever since the Kraken left, she felt like a reality star but with concrete injections instead of Botox. After the encounter with the Kraken, where Maddie somehow had tamed the terrifying creature into letting her live. She was having trouble focusing, the memory followed her like an addiction pulling her in against her will towards the thought. How did I do that?

Even though her Grandpa was also probably terrified he was looking for an escape. He had prepared her a fire and a little food as well. She was grateful to have an adult protecting her. She had no idea what she was doing. She had stupidly fell for an easy trap and gotten herself paralyzed. The only reason she survived this long is because she had gotten lucky. She only called for the monster to stop in desperation. She had no idea it would work, in fact she was fairly sure it wouldn’t.

“Maddie take a look at this!” Her grandfather called in excitement from the distance.

Far behind the pile of ships, off to the corner of the cave, a human sized wooden door was somehow on the wall. The odd door was somehow fully opened. It was leading into a beautiful room with a throne covered in candles and beautiful statues everywhere you turned. The biggest statue sat above the throne and depicted the very beast haunting her memories. An incredible kraken carved from stone almost as big as the real thing.

“Dont tell me something owns this thing.” Maddie wispered in horror looking into the throne room with pinpoint focus.

“Looks like it i’m afraid, I think this cavern is for the Kraken to come in and out. Allows it to be pet like but still bring them fresh prisoners.” He muttered this in pure disbelief but the evidence was there.

A throne for a king fond of Krakens with his own personal doorway to his Kraken cave was too much to think about. This must of been some kind of mental breakdown, Maddie had to be going mad on her boat right now. Her instincts told her otherwise.

She knew he was right. The Kraken is here to bring in prisoners. It must of grown too fond of Uma to turn her in. Her grandfather probably got beat up because he offended it. That means, their family and friends must have been turned in. Whatever candle obsessed Kraken worshiping king had her family she had to stop them.

To be continued…

The Burdened Dawn Episode 1

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While not all species from Sabylon Nine are violent, it’s best not to approach anything from the planet if you value your life.

Dr. Wilmar Nobbs Guide to Space Travel Pg.3

“The only universal language in the galaxy is resources. Even in space currency talks.”

CEO of the Universe Rorlack Lexington

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Episode 1: Henry Levesque

Henry Levesque, while legendary, was not a man born into his privilege. He was born on the peculiar planet Ra kai. It was a wildly dangerous place to live at the time. The super wealthy, self proclaimed, C.E.O of the Galaxy Rorlack Lexington had destroyed the middle class and created a state of wealth imbalance unlike anything earth has ever seen. In the city the rich live like goddess’s eating gourmet food and sleeping in incredible estates. While the normal people like Henry had to struggle just to eat. If that wasn’t bad enough, he had a little sister to feed too. Ana bell was only ten, meaning all she could do was hide in their tiny closet sized apartment. You wouldn’t have recognized that Henry, the young twenty year old willing to do anything to survive.

Henry lived on Mcbuba Avenue, in the deepest part of the projects. Here on the streets its known as the train tracks. They call it that because the avenue isn’t an actual road. Its a bunch of tiny storage unit sized houses along an abandoned train track. It’s the type of place where everyone knows everybody, where family is more than just blood, and where everyone knows how to defend themselves.

Mcbuba Ave.

Our story begins in the coldest part of the year. This time of year many people worry if they may die of cold or starvation. The crops die out and the animals hibernate. Food becomes scarce and that always means casualties. That’s why when Henry walked in the house with a big smile on his face Anabel was almost scared. That is, until he dropped a big bag of mushrooms onto the table. She immediately understood and got a similar smile on her face.

“I found a mushroom cave,” Henry exclaimed with glee.

“Thank you, this is wonderful brother we’ll be fed for days.” she wrapped him in a big embrace.

Henry sat down with his family for dinner. His mother was thanking him graciously for his work foraging in the woods. It was so kind, that Henry was actively insisting he was only doing his share out of pure embarrassment. His sister Anabel was so busy stuffing mushrooms in her mouth she was unable to say anything at all. Despite their rough environment, tonight was a good night.

“Darling we need to tell you something, but you have to promise to not do anything…crazy.” She said it with the caution of a grieving mother.

The news hit him like a bullet train, he felt violently ill his sister would go blind within the year. Progressive sight loss, the only way to stop it would be a 3000 credit surgery. Henry had not seen that type of money in his entire life. His sister would be doomed to a life of darkness if he couldn’t make real money quickly.

Millennium City

Despite his oath to his mother that he would simply go to bed, he needed to do something. There was no money here in the train tracks the only way to save her would be to sneak into the city to find work. It will be dangerous, and illegal but he has no choice. As he finished his diner he made a silent but potent oath, only to his god and himself. Yet, it would stick with him the rest of his life. That day he swore to rise above for his family and for himself.

To be Continued…

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Draw the Picture Episode 3

“Take the advice or don’t after all, I am just a tree.”

-The Wise Willow

“Take a lesson from the tree down the road little creature. The only way to be happy is to be content with what you have.”

-The Wise Willow

Despite my youthful appearance, I’ve lived on this road for some time. Much longer than any of the humans who come and go from their homes like clockwork. Far longer than the birds and squirrels who make their homes among my branches. Certainly longer than ants that run along the grassy hills. Trees aren’t like animals, always moving around hungry and afraid. You seek greater and greater things with no limit. This is because a beast is forever famished. Never content with what it has.
Take a lesson from the tree down the road little creature. The only way to be happy is to be content with what you have. No prey will satisfy your hunger. Even an infinite bounty would not please your empty stomachs. The sole way to truly find peace is to be like a tree.
How often do you see a hedge request anything? Even if a daisy could talk I doubt it would have a single desire. This is because a plant is never moving. A plant’s job is to be still. It collects the bounty the universe provides. It doesn’t ask it for things only sit there and waits.
Of course, because of biology, this is impossible to fully accomplish. However, I hope that there is a lesson in the way we live. After all, I’m older than I look. I’ve seen leaders fall and rise and I’d like to think I know a thing or two. Trust in the universe, I believe you’ll be surprised. The bounties you miss running about are endless. When you let go of control amazing things can happen.
This is not to say to not have any ambitions, animals need their goals. After all, you’ve accomplished many things with willpower. Things a tree-like me can’t scoff at. Perhaps, all I’m trying to say is be content with where you’re at. I see so many humans who desire and desire until it destroys them. Ambition becomes jealousy so easily. The power of gratitude and trust is incredible. Take the advice or don’t after all, I am just a tree.

Spirit Visa Episode 4

Audio Reading of the Story.
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“If you have a problem with that, I could always eat you”


“What makes this YOUR bridge?”


Back at the village, Uma had packed a large hide bag full of supplies. In it, she had every essential item she may need. She had medical kits, rations, rope, even a bedroll. Uma was well prepared and always armed with her trusty wand. She felt like no challenge could stop her, not even a dragon, or an ogre.

 Uma started her journey at the crest of the hill hours ago. Now she was well over ten miles from the village. Her mission led her to an astonishingly handy cobble trail that weaved smoothly into the mountains. For almost a day, nothing disturbed her. Uma was able to keep a brilliant pace. If anything, her pet coyote hunting for food had antagonized any creatures living here. 

 As Uma walked further, under cover of the setting sun, she approached a roaring river. The only way to cross was a sturdy stone bridge. As Uma approached the bridge, a disgusting monstrosity crawled from underneath it.

 It had green fur covered in long tendrils of spider webs. It was towering and thin, at least seven feet in height. Its mouth, filled with fangs, had been fixed in a sinister grin.

 “Hello little one, would you like to cross my bridge?” He sneered with a toxic breath

“What makes this YOUR bridge?” She asked indignantly, holding her hand to her wand.

The creature looked at her, deeply shaken. His toothy grin became a haughty leer. 

“How dare you, girl! I am a troll, my father and my father’s father guarded this bridge.” he roared in a vindictive raving. His teeth were inches from her face now as sharp as razor blades.

 “I’m sorry if I offended you, I had no idea of your families esteem.” She said sheepishly, admittedly regretting her initial reaction.

“If you wish to cross the bridge, you must answer a riddle, it is tradition,” He said much calmer now. 

“If you have a problem with that, I could always eat you,” The troll threatened callously.

“No, no, there’s no problem I’ll answer your riddle.” She insisted.

 Uma thought this troll was an emotional mess. He was bouncing between rage and sensitivity. She didn’t know whether to attack him or apologize.

 “I’m as light a feather, yet no man can hold me for long, what am I?” The creature hissed.

Uma thought about her riddle meticulously. It could be something painful or unsafe. If it’s as light as a feather, there’s another reason it can’t be held. Uma thought maybe it could be something cold, hot, or possibly even poisonous.

 Uma was sitting there frustrated, pondering the many possible answers. If she was in-correct, her quest would be ended. Without a way to cross the river, Uma would be forced to return all the way home. Uma needed to think, and she had no time to do it.

4 Tips for New Adventurers

Dear new adventurers,
My alias is Nathaniel Berknalawitz I’m an experienced adventurer, of over 30 years of practice. I have noticed a troubling inclination in juvenile men and women dying gruesome deaths. Often, these deaths are undoubtedly avoidable and incredibly senseless. I have decided to maintain the carnage with the most distinguished bits of my knowledge. To achieve this, I’ve prepared these four tips on how to adventure and live to recount the tale.

1.) Be Prepared
Always bring the proper supplies before adventuring. The value of being fully prepared is immeasurable. The most notable thing in your pack is a rope. It has several uses including but not confined to formations, climbing, and tying foes. Another incredibly versatile tool is the knife. Fit for self-defense and all sorts of various duties. Food, water, and currency are also necessary before leaving home. If you’re going anywhere cold always bring a coat and a fire starter. In general, its good to prepare for any possible outcome. It’s better than being caught off guard.


2.) Watch Your Back
It’s always important to watch your back for any possible attack. It’s essential to be alert to a mixture of opponents. Do not hinder your hearing or scent. All of your senses are vitally significant while adventuring. Whenever you turn a corner, make sure to turn wide. Always keep your wits as sharp as your dagger. Pay attention at all times because watching around you could save your life


3.) A.S.A(Always Stay Armed)
No matter where you go, enemies exist. Agents of evil from the shadows of society that wish to harm you. That’s why it’s critical to carry a weapon during travel. Self-defense is a necessary part of being an adventurer. Protection is a fundamental device during a safe journey. Being profoundly skilled with your weapon also never hurts. It’s sad but true with dragons in the sky and giants in the hills an armament is indispensable.


4.) Navigation is Key
It’s important to continually know where you’re going while traveling. Getting lost almost perpetually ends in self-destruction. Always remember the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Maps are an essential tool. Knowing how to read them is an even more essential skill. The use of proper navigation can save you and your parties life. I would suggest any aspiring adventurer learn how to use the map and compass. Otherwise you rest your fate in chance alone.


If you follow these four tips your chances of surviving an adventure will be greatly increased. At the end of the day the best way to survive is bravery and adaptability. Use your head and always follow your heart and the universe will guide you on your journey. Make sure to remember what you’re fighting for. Otherwise, All these tips are just in vein. good luck on your travels fellow adventurers. I hope to see you soon.


Nathaniel Berknalawitz

Kraken Episode 4

A Kraken is a terrifying beast. Ten times the size of a fishing ship, with ten tentacles winding around its slimy body. It was a horror to witness. Every nerve in her body felt numb and dead. Her fear was like lava flowing through her body. She was a sitting duck. Unable to move or think. Above her, was a massive unstoppable creature. Worse of all it was hungry.
With one of its massive coils, it lifted Maddie. Its strength was so great it was much like lifting a feather for the beast.
“Please…” She croaked desperately
It stopped for a second looking at her with confusion. Perhaps, the Kraken had thought she was some kind of fish or seal.
Can this massive creature understand English? Its eyes widen as if curious about her. Could it be discovering I am different? She knew that she had to keep talking.
“I can help you if you just don’t hurt me,” She cried desperately. It continued to look at her, intrigued by the sounds Maddie was creating.
It had never heard a language before. Its big black eyes seemed to be as deep as the abyss. The Kraken also seemed to give recognition in his eyes. Maddie remembered reading how intelligent octopi are. They can open cages and understand words. Octopi this enormous would have an even greater understanding.
“Please let me down” She demanded in a harsh tone.
To Maddie’s surprise, the creature humored her. The Kraken put her down in the soft dirt. Maddie’s body was still paralyzed, but she could now talk with relative ease.
A chilling thought occurred to her this thing had created the paralysis poison. It wasn’t anything that could be considered natural. This creature was highly intelligent. The Kraken stared at Maddie and her grandfather. I’m sure he was Considering if he planned to go through with mercy. After deciding these children probably wouldn’t taste good anyway he sunk beneath the surface again.
Maddie sat there for many minutes hoping it would not return. To her surprise, the paralysis wore down before it did.
“It never wanted humans it must be confused.” A gruff older voice remarked
Maddie cheered and limped over to the sound. Her grandfather was finally awake! With the poison wore off she was able to speak to him at last.
“You have a lot of explaining to do” She scolded.
Her Grandfather laughed at the remark and agreed.
“We certainly aren’t in Kansas anymore” He joked. He was finally taking a look around the cave in awe.
“Alright, I’m sure you have a ton of questions…” He said.
“That’s a huge understatement.” She shot back finally with the feeling of safety and the lingering thought of the returning creature on her mind. This was only beginning.

Kraken Episode 2

If she stayed here much longer, she was going to freeze to death!Β 


“Hello?” She croaked weakly.

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When Maddie awoke, she couldn’t see, everything around her was entirely dark. It was cold every goose bump on her body was up, and her breath felt like wispy smoke. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop the consistent chattering of her teeth. If she stayed here much longer, she was going to freeze to death!Β Β Β Β Worse than that, she had no idea what happened to her family. No other sounds were coming from the darkness. “Hello?” She croaked weakly. The only thing she heard was the vacant boom of her echo. That was good; It meant she was likely in a cave. Not that she favored caves in any way, but knowing her location helped remarkably. Maddie had a lighter in her pocket she was glad she waited to pull it out. Caves can fill with flammable vapor she had read loads about the hazards of underground caves. She also knew the air could become toxic deep below the ground. To the left, the path led down steeply into an underground lake. The Water basin had a high ceiling and long stalactites. It was better lit in this room with light coming in from below the water. It was a sickly green hue that Maddie didn’t care for, but it was light. Creepy or otherwise the important thing is she could see. She decided to explore the cavern and look at the mine shaft later. After all, she couldn’t leave without her family, and the mine likely had an elevator. She slid down the steep path and entered the opening with a THUD! On the far side of the cavern, she saw a pile of ships. Each was damaged in various ways some in one or two pieces, others in many more. They were stacked tightly in a trash heap the size of Kilimanjaro. With hundreds of ships collectively, it would be impossible to see if hers was among them. It was insane to try, but Maddie knew. Her grampa’s boat could be there. It was way too far to see from here. No paths stretched over, and she had no way of finding a ship. The only way she can see her family again is if she swims. At least, nobody can call her a coward.

To be continued…