Burdened Dawn Episode 3

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Image by https://imwaaal-cyberpunk.tumblr.com/ check him out on his Tumblr ^^^^^^

Music was made by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5o_0BoTvWg check them out on youtube ^^^^^^^

“Escaping is futile, put your hands in the air.”

-Police Bot Protocol

“Trust is like tape once its gone it never comes back the same”


Episode 3: The Border Guard

As Henry approached the cities border his shoulders became even stiffer than before. His heart thumped so loud he could now hear it as clear as a gong. Fear and worry filled him like an over blown balloon. The excessive security measures disheartened him even more than the impoverished suburbs.

Everything there was elite, only the best of the best for the city guard of course. The wall surrounding the city was at least 30 feet tall with turrets every ten yards. The security guards were dangerous androids with tormenting glowing eyes. Each was suppose to be more dangerous than a hundred people. The gate was many layers thick with a scanner sitting directly above ready to look through all deception.

Henry’s analysis was simple, it would be impossible to get into the city alone. He’d need to assemble a group of people capable of a highly complex break in. He certainly had little money to hire any professionals. He definitely had no favors out here in the suburbs. He’d need to find exceptional people desperate to get out themselves, and he knew just where to look.

Henry turned to head towards the suburbs, in order to get more help. For one bone chilling second Henry’s eyes met with the androids. Their piercing blue scanners taking him apart pathologically gave Henry chills. They looked so human yet so soulless it made him regret his new goal.

Henry would have to find help and sneak past them by tonight if he wanted to get to a ship. The more he moved the more conflict seemed to pile up in front of him. Even though he felt hopeless he knew what was important. His sister wouldn’t have forever, he had to keep going. Everything Depended on it…

To Be Continued…

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Halloween Special


All art was done by https://megadarkthings.tumblr.com/ check out his cite he does great work. Music was done by an incredible youtube channel the link is below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzzvUuTkl3NhEmmU83ndBlg


Have you prepared yourself for the night of horrors?

The Dark Priestess

I survive demon exorcisms the same way I survived Vietnam, I call in frequent air strikes.

Reverend Micheal

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A Night Of Horrors

To the average citizen Halloween is a fun night filled with candy and celebration. Most people can go the whole holiday entirely blind to anything less than a splendid night. However, today I’m gonna tell you the secret that has been covering your eyes your entire life.

Every day a veil works hard to protect you from a world not unlike our own. Behind this veil are spirits of every shape and size. Some are purely good others deeply evil. Most people go their whole life unaware of this parallel universe right under their nose. Us demon hunters have no such luxury. Most of us are very aware of the presents of this spirit plain even on an average day.

Every Halloween the veil reaches the thinnest point of the entire year. Demons, ghosts, spirits, ghouls, all walk the streets unhindered by our separate reality. Even some normal people are able to see them on occasion. That’s right, us demon hunters see Halloween as a rather scary and nasty event filled with panic and often, danger.

Why would I tell you such a nasty thing? That’s simple, this Halloween will be a thinner break than any year in human history. In fact, for all intensive purposes we will have no veil at all this year. Spirits will be able to wander almost entirely free of limitation. It’s entirely possible that many of you will meet some ghastly creatures this year. While we’d love too, us demon hunters will be unable to save all of you.

We figured we owed you this warning. Considering you are all likely to be murdered if acting unaware. Now you’ve been warned, so if you wander into a scary basement of a haunted mansion, or an abandoned graveyard I wont feel too bad for you.

This Halloween will be spookier, scarier, and more dangerous than ever before. Every ghost and monster will be ready to attack at every corner. So watch your back, gather your courage, always be ready to run, and have fun. After all embracing our fear and the dangers around us is what Halloween is all about.


Rex Martin- Professional Demon Hunter

The End

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A Case For Reading

10 Reasons Why I Think Reading Remains to this Day, the Greatest Form of Entertainment.



The Views Expressed In This Article Are My Personal Opinion They Are Not Fact And Should Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt.

This post may be a little different than you guys are used to. However, it is something I’ve always longed to write about. I often think about why I pursue language in the midst of things like blockbuster movies and hit television shows. I mean, trying to compete against high tech productions with hundreds of people armed only with a pen and pad is surely a fool’s task right? It’s akin to running into Area 51 with only a bow and arrow, arguably a very unwinnable battle. So if there are so many disadvantages why do I do it? Despite the advantages, other mediums have over writing, in my opinion,  it remains to this day the greatest form of entertainment. Here are my ten reason why.

1.) Books Have Unlimited Battery

Have you ever been at the park, or the mall, when that dreaded moment changes everything. Your phones screen goes black, and all connection to music, videos, and social media is beyond your grasp. We both know that you aren’t going to socialize at this point poor planning has ruined your outing. Sure you can buy a portable charger but nobodies perfect, it could easily be forgotten. That’s where carrying a book becomes a life saver. In the dessert, on an island, even in Antarctica a book guarantees you eight hours worth of entertainment. No WiFi is needed, no charging port, nothing but the book fully in tact. If it’s a good enough book to reread, its worth double the time. Books remain the most reliable form of entertainment with hours of unassisted enjoyment in every chapter no strings attached.

2.) Reading Expands Your Perspective

Every time you read, you take on the perspective of not only the writer, but the character you’re reading. Often when you finish a book or story you can see through a completely different lens. You can understand the thoughts of a twelve year old child, or a forty year old business mogul. In a movie or show the short time and low access to inner dialogue makes the same feat one in a million. It is indisputable that books have a special ability to expand the way you view the world. They transform you into a multi dimensional thinker, instead of a person trapped in a single way of being raised and thinking.

3.) Reading Makes You Smarter

Reading will make you a smarter person. It will increase your vocabulary, and allow you to speak in a more well worded manner. It will enhance your ability to think quickly and solve problems. It will allow you to think in a more three dimensional way. When you watch Netflix (Depending on the show) at best the effect is a neutral one, if not blatantly making less mentally capable. When you read however, you constantly get smarter and smarter while still being entertained.

4.) You Can Improve Reading With Technology

If you’re willing to forgo the benefits of point one, there’s been a huge expanse of reading material on the internet over the last 20 years. While finding a well written book was a challenge, once upon a time, its easier now then its ever been. Services like audible and You tube have audio books at the ready. Writer post free content everyday on social media like Instagram and Twitter. All in all there has never been a better time to start reading with hundreds of amazing stories always at your finger tips

5.) Reading is Magical

When you read an amazing thing happens. You stop noticing the words on the page and see through the characters eyes. Your imagination takes a grip of you and it takes you to an amazing place often filled with beautiful lessons. Its a deeply personal and magical experience that is hard to match any other way. The amount of passion and adventure you can find is unlimited so find your genre and sit down by the fire place, I promise its worth your time.

Thank you for reading guys! Our next post will be a little more normal. It should be on Thursday at our usual time. I hope to see each and everyone of you again, enjoy the rest of your day, thanks again for reading! Goodbye πŸ˜€

Burdened Dawn Episode 2

Reading Music


Music is by CO.AG Music they make really good reading tunes and let us starving artist use it for free so please check them out above.

All art is by the incredibly talented Jonas De Ro he works really hard on his stuff so please check him out at http://www.jonasdero.com/


“When crashing a spaceship, Its recommended that you aim for soft surfaces. Trees, water, and even farm land can make for superior landings over rocky terrain.”

-The Narlack Manuel’s Book 3

“Never betray family or friends for money because the higher you go the more your gonna need em”


Episode 2: The Hustle

Henry laid in bed as silent, and still as a possum. The sound of his mothers radio in the office next door kept him paralyzed. His sister was already curled up with blankets snoring like a sailor. She had not shed a single tear the entire night. She was braver than anyone Henry had ever met. He was sure, now more than ever, this is what he had to do. His sister didn’t deserve a life of blindness he couldn’t sit around and wait any longer. The second the radio clicked off and Henry’s mother slipped into bed, he made his move. He got dressed quietly, taking his time with each and every movement. Quickly, he packed a backpack full of supplies. Soon as Henry knew for sure his mother was dozed off, he slipped out the window and started walking west.

It took about an hour to escape the train tracks. hundreds of unfortunate souls had houses going for as far as Henry could see. Once he finally escaped he realized it didn’t get much better past the tracks. Despite his notion that the suburbs were as lively as the wealthy city, the streets seemed war torn and savage. The buildings were shredded and gave the eerie feeling they may collapse. The suburb was just as bad as the harshest parts of the tracks. Henry had been lied to his whole life.

Henry was able to easily keep walking past the dilapidated city with little issue. It was abandoned for the most part. The city streets were mainly populated by rats and similar rodents. Not a single person could be viewed even with perfect vision.

Henry felt like he’d go into shock, his legs were made of lead, his veins were filled with bleach. Henry had dreamed of making it out his whole life. Buying a house in the suburbs and living better than his parents did. The truth was as heavy as an avalanche weighing down his chest stealing the breath from his lungs. There was no middle class, the entirety of their society was in ruins to maintain a lavish lifestyle another hour down the road. Meanwhile him and his sister were destined to suffer. It was all in the plan.

Henry was beginning to doubt his plan, it would be a challenging journey. The city was dangerous, how long would he be able to stay there. Would making credits even be possible? No, Henry had to adapt, he could board a ship and fly somewhere with more to offer. Like his dad had tried to do many years ago. Whatever happened Henry would be forced to find a way out and to help his family, the clock was ticking and nothing was gonna bring him down.

To Be Continued…

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Thank you for reading, our next post will be on Thursday at 9 am pacific time. The next episode will be Spirit Visa with Julian Griepsma as graphic artist and yours truly writing. Its gonna be tons of fun I can’t wait to see you guys there. Thanks for reading once again you guys make my dreams possible.<3

-Levi Wyatt

Draw the Picture Episode 4

Music Made by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj83cwfOF3Y&t=1416s

Art is made by https://thoughtcatalog.com/laura-jayne-martin/2013/10/an-open-letter-regarding-a-closed-letter/

Episode 4: A Letter to a Lover

Dear Darla,

Thank you for getting back to me so swiftly I often discover myself waiting for your next letter. Is that strange for me to admit? I love language so dearly, and I feel you have a way with verbiage, unlike anyone I’ve ever met. Well perhaps excluding myself. We’re so alike you and I, I often wonder if you would’ve made the better author.

I’m sorry that I’ve been away so long, my career demands that I stay a whole month longer in the mountains. Research isn’t even half completed yet, I fear it may be even longer. Just know that I’m always thinking about you. There is not a single moment that passes you don’t hold my heart.

Strangely, I often think, that a sizable part of me is missing. Now that I write it down I suspect its only the feeling of losing you. I hope to see you soon and tend to the farm with you. Maybe, we could look up at the night sky like we used to when we were young. Just for old times sake.

Please let me know how the family is doing. I put a thousand dollars in my letter I hope it helps. I’d tell you to stay sharp but I know you already are. There’s nobody I’d rather have holding down the fort. I await the day I see you soon.

Your Loving Husband,

Arthur Belmont

Kraken Episode 5

Reading Music:


“The Kraken is an unstoppable beast larger than fifty grown elephants.”

Diary 151

Episode 5: Kraken Castle

Maddie’s legs were made of led, each limb was like a hundred pounds of weight yanking her to the dirt at her feet. Ever since the Kraken left, she felt like a reality star but with concrete injections instead of Botox. After the encounter with the Kraken, where Maddie somehow had tamed the terrifying creature into letting her live. She was having trouble focusing, the memory followed her like an addiction pulling her in against her will towards the thought. How did I do that?

Even though her Grandpa was also probably terrified he was looking for an escape. He had prepared her a fire and a little food as well. She was grateful to have an adult protecting her. She had no idea what she was doing. She had stupidly fell for an easy trap and gotten herself paralyzed. The only reason she survived this long is because she had gotten lucky. She only called for the monster to stop in desperation. She had no idea it would work, in fact she was fairly sure it wouldn’t.

“Maddie take a look at this!” Her grandfather called in excitement from the distance.

Far behind the pile of ships, off to the corner of the cave, a human sized wooden door was somehow on the wall. The odd door was somehow fully opened. It was leading into a beautiful room with a throne covered in candles and beautiful statues everywhere you turned. The biggest statue sat above the throne and depicted the very beast haunting her memories. An incredible kraken carved from stone almost as big as the real thing.

“Dont tell me something owns this thing.” Maddie wispered in horror looking into the throne room with pinpoint focus.

“Looks like it i’m afraid, I think this cavern is for the Kraken to come in and out. Allows it to be pet like but still bring them fresh prisoners.” He muttered this in pure disbelief but the evidence was there.

A throne for a king fond of Krakens with his own personal doorway to his Kraken cave was too much to think about. This must of been some kind of mental breakdown, Maddie had to be going mad on her boat right now. Her instincts told her otherwise.

She knew he was right. The Kraken is here to bring in prisoners. It must of grown too fond of Uma to turn her in. Her grandfather probably got beat up because he offended it. That means, their family and friends must have been turned in. Whatever candle obsessed Kraken worshiping king had her family she had to stop them.

To be continued…