Kraken Episode 6


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“The Kraken is smarter than most humans, but has limited capabilities because of its inability to speak, use a thumb, or see.”

The Sea Monster Manual

“You should always stay away from dead whales. Why do you ask?”

The local fisherman

Episode 6: Twisted Family

As Maddie and her Grandfather cautiously entered the throne room, the thought of their family, still alive and well, was their only source of bravery. The dark, disturbing, marble walls had a way of sucking the torchlight from the room. Pockets of light were speckled through the room and the hallway beyond it. However, everywhere else was as dark as obsidian. It would be easy to stealthily move about in order to find her family.

They moved quickly, but silently. With every torch they would duck and weave around in order to remain hidden. After moving past the Kraken throne, Maddie saw nothing but rooms of equal beauty. More requisite black marble walls and tall ceilings were everywhere you looked. When Maddie and Grandpa stopped in a bedroom it was slick and well designed, and had many paintings that looked highly valuable.

Whoever lived here had been stealing valuable goods for years using his beast. Maddie couldn’t imagine how many people they had hurt. Grandpas looked sharp and brooding. Like something was worrying him. His brow had an extra four wrinkles layered in.

“Whats wrong Grandpa?” Maddie cautiously asked

“This bedroom looks lived in be careful.” he muttered

As he said it, like a curse, the family started walking down the hallway. talking to each other in smooth warm voices like caramel millionaires. The pair ducked under the bed as they walked by there was five of them a woman, a man, and two kids. They were talking about a new shipment from ‘Beasty’. That must have been its name.

Then in a horrifying instant the family stops walking all together. Maddie’s heart starts beating like a drum. Silence for many seconds each stretching for hours in her panicked mind. She prayed in desperation they were well hidden enough. However, praying wouldn’t be enough. In that moment the room went cold and Murphy took control. In unison, the entire family spoke in a villainous hiss.

“I smell humans” Maddie’s heart stopped, they had been found.

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Kraken Episode 3

The water was as cold as an ice bath. Every bone on Maddie’s body felt numb as she dipped into the salty green-lit pool. Terror burdened her. Anything could be lurking in these waters. Even the terrifying monstrosity that put them here.
Whatever it was, it was capable of turning apart her ship like a plaything. It would have little trouble ending Maddie’s life in an instant.
Maddie began to swim as silently as possible but at an incredible pace. She moved her arms and legs in long flowing motions. Maddie hoped to get power without splashing about and alerting nearby beasties.
The boat seemed much further away now then on land. The thick salty water made swimming a tiring effort. Within minutes her pace began to slow.
Maddie began treading water, hoping to conserve her energy. In front of Maddie, in the distance, she saw her grandfather’s ship. She studied with incredible resolution. Maddie Investigated every edge of the boat. Desperately, she pleaded to God to let her see her family.
Her prayer was answered, among the wreckage, she spotted her grandfather. There he was, covered in rubble and debris. Who knew if he was ok, or even alive. All Maddie knew is she was motivated, she swam with the tenacity of a great white shark.
The sight of her grandfather had Maddies heart beating like an assault rifle. She wanted to save him, help him with his injuries. She’d no longer be a child on her own, making terrifying decisions. They’d be ok together, Maddie was sure of it.
At the edge of the beach, she took a moment to rest. Maddie’s arms felt numb and limp from the cold like loose spaghetti. Her breathing was inconsistent. When Maddie tried to stand up, she immediately collapsed to the ground. Maddie knew this couldn’t just be exhaustion. Something was wrong very, deeply wrong.
Her breathing became panicked her tired sitting turned into full out paralysis. Eventually, she collapsed to the sand, unable to move a muscle. Maddie realized, too late that the pool of water wasn’t filled with salt at all. It was poison meant to paralyze prey.
Slowly, massive tentacles began to lift from the surface of the basin. Maddie was horrified as she finally saw her assailant. Its incredible size sent chills up her spine. Her ship’s unadulterated destruction made total sense. This thing was unstoppable and worst of all she couldn’t move an inch.